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Jump Tidung

Jump Tidung or pulau tidung , after we are satisfied bersnokling tidung island and water sport you can enjoy the island tidung jump tidung.Apa the mean by jump tidung ? It is a term that is given to the end that comes to the island and want to feel the sensation tidung jump from the bridge of love tidung.Kegitan island is done by the visitors who traveled to the island tidung after bersenokling satisfied , while waiting for the sunset ( sunset ) the visitors tour the island Tidung test their guts to jump from the bridge of love tidung island .

The Bridge Between the island and the island tidung tidung great little travelers often use the island tidung to jump tidung In addition , tourists can enjoy the jump tidung , tourists can also berfose on the bridge of love against the backdrop of a very small island indah.Bagi tidung you and your spouse can capture beautiful moments of your ini.Bagi not proficient in swimming could use to kelamatan lefjaket you can jump off a bridge for love

Garden Bridge of Love Island Travel Tidung

Garden Bridge of Love Island Travel Tidung

Bridge of Love Beach Tourist Park Island Coolness Tidung Sensation The Green Leaves And The blue ocean

The soft white sand ( paket wisata Pulau Tidung ) , a typical beach -scented breeze is cool because in payungi shade trees , is a sensation felt directly in the garden when he arrived at the Bridge of Love Island Travel Tidung Seribu.Sensasi islands like this , only a small fraction of the enjoyment that can be in a million travelers can when objects are in love with the island tourist park bridge tidung have managed with local communities or indigenous island tidung since 3 years ago .

In the Garden Bridge of Love Tidung Island Tourism travelers will be pampered with a variety of attractions, facilities will be difficult to find on the island can play Jump Tidung lain.Wisatawan , Jetsky , banana boat , donut boat , watersopa boat , canoe , or snokerling close look at beauty coral reefs and ornamental fish no duanya.Semua 's activities at sea , can be done with a quiet and comfortable without having to worry and anxiety , whether the visitors are not proficient in swimming , because when you come to the island and participate tidung our tidung island package has prepared a local guide who propesional that always accompany you in activities at the park melaukan tidung island .

Pulau Tidung - Moreover , in the island tourist park bridge tidung love , can in laukan some group activities such as tug of war and other games that is equipped with huts or places to stop for you can sit sit and look at your fellow colleagues and family activities in the park are melaukan tidung.Di tourist island park bridge of love is also in the bathroom and provide a musolah worship facilities , making it a very suitable place to travel with family and peer to peer office or other large groups .

Wisata Pulau Tidung Tourist park island bridge tidung love is also very easy to reach , by using sepedah or motorcycle Bacak ( Bentor ) you can visit the garden of homestay tidung island where you stay on the island tidung.Bagi you who wish to bring the memories recalled by by make or fruit hand , on the island are also available tidung kiosk kiosks that provide a variety of marine and coastal cindramata typical that produced by the island natives tidung