Rabu, 06 November 2013

Jump Tidung

Jump Tidung or pulau tidung , after we are satisfied bersnokling tidung island and water sport you can enjoy the island tidung jump tidung.Apa the mean by jump tidung ? It is a term that is given to the end that comes to the island and want to feel the sensation tidung jump from the bridge of love tidung.Kegitan island is done by the visitors who traveled to the island tidung after bersenokling satisfied , while waiting for the sunset ( sunset ) the visitors tour the island Tidung test their guts to jump from the bridge of love tidung island .

The Bridge Between the island and the island tidung tidung great little travelers often use the island tidung to jump tidung In addition , tourists can enjoy the jump tidung , tourists can also berfose on the bridge of love against the backdrop of a very small island indah.Bagi tidung you and your spouse can capture beautiful moments of your ini.Bagi not proficient in swimming could use to kelamatan lefjaket you can jump off a bridge for love

Garden Bridge of Love Island Travel Tidung

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